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New year, new blog



On tues, the supposed shopping trip made a big turn to Geylang chili crab trip. Amazingly, none of us knew where the chili crab is. We practically walked from kallang MRT to Aljunied. Not along the MRT line, but within Geylang itself. It was quite an adventure. This is the first time I ventured into Geylang. And how right it is. Previously intended geylang-turn ugly trip was also because we took the wrong turn, solely due to my timidity to walk through the dark Lorongs of the red-light-district. The actual geylang is sort of a fusion of Malaysia - Thailand - Singapore; in quite a messy way. And one thing's for sure. There are many MEN in geylang. It's just eerie.
We ended up eating chili crab at a high class restaurant - No Signboard Restaurant. Their service was fantastic. One of the best I've received in Singapore. Food wise, above average but the price is well above average as well. I think I can find a better chili crab else where.

Came back that night, had diarrhea-like feeling, though my stools are pretty formed.

The next day, the throat got itchy. Tummy ache got better. To add on to the damage, I went to have Mac Spicy for dinner, even though my brain was screaming out loud to me that it will kill the throat. I started my dose of Danzen.

By thurs, throat is not well. Scratchy with mild pain. Took 2nd dose of Danzen. It's under control. Anyway I couldn't yield, maiden ACC-solo clinic starts at 2pm; and I couldn't afford to screw up and to disappoint Mother. Thank God ACC was a smooth sail, but reaching the last few patients, I remember telling the PSA I'm falling sick soon. Drank a lot of water; but it's not doing much good. That day, 3 patients came in complaining of sore throat. I told them, the weather is bad nowadays. Didn't want to tell them I'm falling sick myself too.

Right after ACC, I didn't want to go back to R1; maybe it's due to malaise or laziness. But I think it's the malaise. I went back, quietly sat down to dispense; made a few light smiles to those who welcome me back. But as I was dispensing, fingers started to grow cold and eventually the whole hand was chilled. I didn't feel well. By 558pm, 2 min before I'm supposed to knock off, borrowed KX's thermometer. It started from 34.5 -> 35.9 -> 36.5 -> 37 -> 37.1-------> 37.5! And finally it stopped!! My heart was pumping hard. But at least then I knew that I had fever.
I took me 5 minutes before I've decided to put on a mask. Showed Mr Yong the reading, he gave a very diplomatic answer. "Em, how are you feeling? Go home monitor ok? If still fever, it's good to see a doctor". And I guess I should get an MC and don't come to work if I'm sick.

Had claypot rice for dinner. Amazingly felt better after that. Maybe the nutrients re-charged my immunity. Felt sucky on the way back home though. Re-check temp at home - 37.6. On a different thermometer. Lazed around the whole night and watched some tv.

Happily went to sleep. Thinking that most likely I may have a day off tomorrow.

Woke up this morning. First time is to pop in the thermometer - even before brushing my teeth. It flew up fast, but plateuring at 37.1. Disappointed. Figuring out an excuse to skip work. But eventually gave way to the Right Thing. Dressed up nicely andwent for work. Mood was much better today. Probably I've fared through a fever. Jessica noticed the change as well. It was a good day.


Mr and Mrs Liang

Finally started the University of Southern Indiana ACC course. It started off quite fun. With introductions posted. Mostly are nurses and pharmacists, and I think all of them are from America, except Su ching and me. Some are very experienced, with 20 years of practice. Woah...
It's just thrilling to be learning all people from other places, although as usual, I'll be quite quiet and don't contribute much to discussion board. At least I wrote a decent introduction of myself.

The course will last for 6 week. And every Monday will be deadline day, with a final exam at the end of the course. Really hope this course will improve my knowledge and make me a more competent ACC pharmacist like Mother.

Fiona's Wedding was held yesterday - 30th May 2009 at Raffles Hotel.
Apparently it is also the day when she met Liang - her husband now.
The solemnisation ceremony was held at the lawn. It was beautiful. Fiona looked gorgeous, the bright red roses were just romantic and the whole setting was perfect... except the weather, which was hot and humid.

Fortunately for the Liangs, it only started drizzling after the whole ceremony and after eveyone had their chance of taking photo with the bride.
The wedding dinner was held exactly the same place as Julian's wedding a year ago. However, the feeling I had was utterly different. This is Fiona's wedding - one of the closest friend I had in SAJC; and now I was seated with the 61 people, some in whom I did not meet for years.
What's more fascinating was that the couple read out their personally written vow to each other and I was very touched by what Liang wrote - almost teared...

And the wedding dinner that I dream of was just displayed right in front of me. They did a rumba together, and with the gracefulness of Fiona and the hardwork Liang put in (10 lessons in 10 weeks, when they had only 3 months to prepare for the wedding), the dance was aweful!
Last but not least, right after the rumba, they opened up the dance floor. It was just beautiful. I was drooling staring at the dance floor - it started off with the newly-weds dancing, then more couples, young and old swayed in with the melody. It was a very pretty sight. Reminded me slighly of So Close. but this is afterall an Asian country, after the first song was over, people went back to their seats. Too bad Hann wasn't there.

To be honest, the wedding definitely made me feel like having one of my own soon. At the same place - the Lawn, but maybe with some good outdoor air-condition. and one thing's for sure, dance floor is a must.


Happy trip

it's weird now to blog about Australia when we were back since 11th of April. but still the wonderful times we had there it should be documented. at least in a concise manner.

1st - 5th April : Melbourne
first day was sucky due to my stupidity of not sleeping on the SIA craft and spent the night watching movies. angry with myself for having a full dinner before stepping up and failed to finish 50% of the supper which i like it very much from the sight.
first impression of melbourne is that it is just another foreign caucasianic city. the first sight of southerncross station reminds me slightly of europe. cool dry air. black station and blur tourist.
made our way to Adam's cyber cafe (Hann's WOW friend) and it turns out to be a decent one. however no sofas no beds, something that i desperately wanted that time.
touring melbourne city lacking sleep and without much guidance wasnt' that fun. turns out we were walking in circles and the city wasn't that big afterall. reaching late noon we ran out of things to do and neither of us wants to move anymore. and here in the pic - we sat down on public foldable beach couches and chill out with some uncle, who seemed to know a lot about anwar, malaysia and it's oil.
the only good thing is the chinese restaurant we had dinner. it was pretty good for australian standards. and after that it's bad times again when we had to carry our bags and walked about 2km to enter to the students' hostel from the entrance of Monash. totally silly. this only happens overseas. they have no shuttle buses. at least their weather is cool.one of the wheel of my trolley took off and i just had an excuse to get a new trolley from Kathmandu the next day.

day 2: Chadstone
after a good night sleep cramping with 2 guys in a room, i was much happier the next day. though still not happy enough to make me take the trip out of the "suburb" to get to the city. Hann and I decided to had a chill out day at the shopping mall - Chadstone. Took a bus down and just spent the whole day looking at clothes, shoes and books. bought a pair of Aldo 70% off, a 17.50AUD black cotton dress and the Kathmandu bag. not bad indeed.

day 3: Market & almost-museum
the next day i have recharged enough and heading to
town is no problem. we were so slow, we took our time and lazed around, prepared a long breakfast and don't know what else we did that we only reached there at 10plus. which is considered late for proper tourist. headed to Vic's Mart (coded from jia hwa) and we were lucky indeed. it is long opening hours today! Seems like it will be closed on Mon and Wed. and here we are on Fri! the indoor market is quite interesting. selling all kinds of cheese, spices, meat and foreign looking food. i didn't fancy them much as most of them had a funny smell to it. i was only interested in the pastries and we bought a piece of carrot cake and orange cake each. big slice for a cheap price, though it was oily as at the end of the paper wrapper went totally transparent when we came back.
One should visit Vic's Mart
for one sole reason - their fruits. it's fresh, it's cheap. a bundle of grapes for 1 buck and a pack of strawberries (fresh and juicy) for 2 bucks (if u get 2, it's just 3AUD). and reaching 11am, mangoes going for 3AUD a DOZEN. yes a DOZEN.
nothing much fancy me there. one lucky thing. we picked up a 5AUD note. and had our tshirts priced at 2.50 each instead of 5.
museum was in mind but due to the rain. it was way too late to make the museum tour. so we sat outside the museum and told ours
elves that yes we visited Melb museum.and when the rain stopped, an impromptu idea to book a day tour to the famour GOR trip for the next day.

day 4: the Great Ocean Road (GOR)

we woke up at 515. ready by 535. walked o
ut into the cold woods within Monash campus by 545. to board the first bus leaving at 6am for main terminal. it was cool seriously. we were so cold, i have never imagined myself walking so fast at such hour of the day. no one is on the road. no one was in the campus. everything is dead. only the two of us, hearts were pumping hard so we won't miss the first bus that brings us out to town, so we don't miss our van that brings us to GOR.
I would recommend GOR to anyone going to Melb. just that if u're not very confident of maps and driving. it's best to follow a day-tour. small van of 20 people. it's quite decent. minimal waiting or weird company. we even get a bonus- handsome tour guide cum driver. who tried his best to explain the background of the sights of GO
i loved the first stop the most. the place where surfers meet for tournament apparently. it's a quiet site and u have to drive in through slopes and psuedo valleys to see it. the feeling that i get there. SERENE.
GOR towns are pleasant, small and modest. though they had in mind to create a miami. but they very different and i guess only those who yearn for some quietness and peace would enjoy that. personally I prefer Bondi.
Overall GOR is just a stretch of seaside which is very magnificent and beautiful. A self-drove tour is possible in the future.

day 5: Lygon, Crown & Dating
this day we moved out of Monash and it was me who pushed for the idea. first reason was for us to arri
ve on time to Avalon (a stupid airport situated far from Melb, if i have the money no Avalon for me), second to see the night life in melb city (not much), thirdly not to take the bus/train for 45min to reach my house. so we had a last min booking at YHA Metro and we got a BIG room for that night. so BIG that tze and hwa can sleep in.
ok, our plan to go the zoo was strongly objected by ME again. instead it was for the museum. but unfortunately, after searching high and low for YHA Metro, we were so spoilt that we played cards in the room for some time and it got even later. The girl who saved our Melb tour - Jia Hwa (JH) brought us to Lygon - little Italy in Melb, and I had great fun trying out all sort of food. It was very fun! Not so much of the place, but the company and the activity, that eventually the musuem was forgotten. at the end, we even visited Crown - the wellknown Casino in Melbourne. and this was my first time in a Casino. Funniest thing, Hann got checked his identity twice that day. Definitely an eye-opener. but we were lousy customers. spent only 1 AUD on a "tiger machine" and not a single cent on all the gambling tables. though i was tempted. but putting 10bucks in and having the possibility that it will be taken away in split seconds it's just not worth it.instead, we kids spent 15 bucks altogether at the arcade downstairs. and Hann almost hit the jackpot for Deal or No deal. remember, always pick the black woman.

day 6: to Sydney
.... to be continued


summary of my thoughts

Looking back. life has been solemn and miserable for the past year. i shall skip the complaint as I know no one likes to hear that. Shall focus on the good things that came out of it.
a. I have grown. socially and mentally. in handling all sorts of people. in handling a bad situation. I still do get tacky cases now and then. but i'm definitely better now.
b. I've known a group of wonderful people. we had became best of friends. mostly through complaining and bitching about others. well naturally. but one thing to emphasize. the thing i cherish most is the support; the understanding and the sincerity. hope we will be fantastic colleagues together now.

Now.... I'm starting new as a pharmacist. this is a late blog. officially i am a pharmacist since the 23rd of march. but i was not excited nor happy then. i just felt weird that now i'm in the team. and i have no one to fall back on. phone calls it's all alone. checking is up to u. and oh well, nothing much really change. just that now you're expected to act like a professional. overnight.
and never can i say the sentence." I am just a pre-reg"

now i'm
happy... my pay had a real boost. and with this i can see the world. i can have more freedom. indeed money can't get everything. cliche. but now i have time to invite friends for tea. it's wonderful. friends for thai dinner. lovely. and 404 coming back to the west. reunited. for a drink.

just a sad thing to blog about today. Hann started HOship and by third day he is tired like mad and snoring away the minute he laid down. my heart aches for that. got scolding as well. reminds me a bit of pre-reg but i got a feeling his is much worse. now i know. don't anyhow call doctors. esp HOs. their life is tough. and shitty.
hope he will grow stronger from this and draw strength from the Holy Spirit. may God grant him wisdom.

Back for good

I'm no longer a pre-reg. A dog's life is OVER! And I'm currently a PHARMACIST!

And I love this indeed.
Will change the backdrop to celebrate it


One week to the end of this insanity and 2 weeks till the end of pre-reg.

I'm very very tired.
I need a break.


Random memories

We've counted the pages. Around 700 altogether. With only 7 days left, that makes it 100 pages a day. To study for 10 hours (if that's even feasible), will be about 10 pages per hour, 10 hours a day for the next 7 days.
................................................let's pray for a miracle.

Today's run was substituted with a swim, thanks to the awful weather and a slight haze hanging around the air. The temperature seemed to have rose quite a bit for the past 3 days, wave goodbye to the days when the fan is left un-on. The "drought" is slowing creeping in, and I don't like it at all.

Valentine's day has just passed and it would do no justice to my blog if I don't mention a bit about it.
This is the first Valentine's Day that I've actually did some planning. Both of us weren't in the mood. MBBS at the corner for him, and as for me, it's blah blah blah, I don't even want to talk about it. But after giving in some thoughts and had a pretty boring V-day eve, I've decided to put in some initiative and effort. I guess we can take turns. Since he will be out the whole day for MBBS revision lecture, I've decided to go Vivo to shop for a good V-day present and maybe a V-day lovey cake. A Parker pen has always been on my mind, and since he'll be a real doctor soon, maybe a nice little Parker pen will be good. And if they carved his name on it, that'll be even better! Maybe if he is to lost it, some good person will pass it back to him.
So, a Parker pen was bought. A real one, made in France. Apparently they have cheaper ones, just that it's made in China, and from my 5min evaluation, it's definitely heavier than the French-made one. And after the Parker (that only took me 10 min), decided to pop by Baker's Inn and get a lovely white Valentine cake to spice up the day. And within 30min, I'm out of Vivo and on my way back.
To keep it short, he was pretty surprised by how "dua zhong" I've made the day. That's not usually my practice, but surprises are good. And we headed out for dinner - a cheap 5 dollar beef noodle at Kopitiam. We have made a vow not to have anymore expensive meals from now till Australia, that will be for about 1.5 months. So any cheap food with decent taste will do us good.

Board exams on the 23rd. Taking Monday and Friday off. Finally I can get some rest, and some work done, I hope.